Riken Vitamin's Materiality

In 2019, we identified key themes (material issues) of our CSR activities. We organized important social issues for Riken Vitamin based on external guidelines such as ISO 26000* and the SDGs. We evaluated their importance from the two perspectives of relevance to our business and expectation from society in relation to the impact of Riken Vitamin in terms of opportunities and risks. We then identified six key themes (material issues) that are highly important to both society and the Riken Vitamin Group. We will contribute to the themes of consumers, pollution prevention, and environmental consideration through our business, and to the themes of diversity and inclusion, job satisfaction, and research and development through Groupwide activities. We will also contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through our key themes. In light of the growing importance of sustainability and changes in the Group’s business environment, and as part of efforts to realize our medium- to long-term vision of achieving growth by supporting a sustainable society with specialty products and services, we plan to review our material issues during FY2023.
* ISO 26000: An international standard intended to provide organizations with guidance concerning social responsibility.

Key theme identification process

STEP1 Identifying social challenges

We prepared a list of key social challenges for Riken Vitamin on the basis of external guidelines such as ISO26000 and SDGs.

STEP2 Judging the importance of various elements from internal and external perspectives

We looked at the social challenges in Step 1 and, in our Environmental Meeting, evaluated their importance from the two parameters of “relevance to our business” and “expectation from society” in relation to the “impact (opportunities/risks) of Riken Vitamin.”

STEP3 Identification of key themes

We organized the information on the themes identified in Step 2 and identified those which were deemed of high importance to both society and Riken Vitamin as our key themes.

Key themes

Key themes
Key themes Relevant SDGs
Contributing through our business Consumers We provide appropriate information and deliver products that are safe and trusted. We also appropriately manage customers’ personal information.
Pollution prevention We strive to prevent pollution of the environment by reducing waste and ensuring process control.
Environmental consideration We fight global warming and climate change through efforts such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Groupwide contribution Diversity and inclusion We respect diversity and create a workplace that is easy and rewarding to work in.
Job satisfaction We maintain and promote a safe and healthy work environment where employees can be physically and mentally healthy and motivated.
Research and Development We promote the development of new technologies, new applications, and new products.