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Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. Kazuhiko Yamaki Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd. Kazuhiko Yamaki

Since our founding, Riken Vitamin Group has upheld our basic policy of effective utilization of natural materials. We have developed usages for natural materials themselves, and have developed unique products using our exclusive technologies of extracting active ingredients from natural materials as well as their refinement, concentration, usage development, and formulation.

Currently, we engage in three fields of business: Foods, improving agents (foods and chemicals), and healthcare. Some products in our food business enjoy top share in niche markets. These include our non-oil dressings, seaweed products like “Fueru Wakame-chan,” and “Sozairyoku Dashi” soup stock packets. The products we offer in our improving agent and healthcare businesses contribute to better health and lifestyles through our broad range of clients particularly those in the food industry.

Today, demographic shifts and geoenvironmental issues, as well as COVID-19 induced changes in lifestyle, are but some of the many major challenges and rising uncertainties in our business landscape.
In recognition of this fact, Riken Vitamin considered it important to connect environmental and social problem-solving with our business growth. Thus came the medium- to long-term vision we set in 2022: Achieving growth by supporting a sustainable society with specialty products and services. With our highly unique ability to develop new technologies and products, our steadfast procurement of ingredients, and our quality assurance for delivering safe products, we will integrate our management strategy and sustainability initiatives for sustained growth.

We look forward to your continued patronage.