Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to people’s health and nutrition with technologies and products that make effective use of natural compounds, thereby contributing to society

Management Philosophy

Provide health and a rich dietary life to society through foods

Riken Vitamin supplies products that add health, safety, reassurance, and richness to consumer's daily lives by focusing on natural raw materials, thereby contributing to the enhancement of health.

Fulfill corporate social responsibility by engaging in business activities while adhering to compliance

Riken Vitamin strives to earn social trust by respecting stakeholders, which include cuntomers, shareholders, business partners, local communities, et al., ensuring that all employees act with a sense of ethics and legal compliance in all business activities, and fulfill our corporate social responsibility as a member of society as a result.

Evolve as a company full of flexibility and creativity

As a manufacturer, Riken Vitamin strives to become a flexible and creative company by tapping into its unique business resources (specialty raw materials, technologies, and facilities) to swiftly and accurately address customer needs that are constantly diversifying, changing and advancing.

Direct the focus and scope of business activities overseas to ensure Riken Vitamin's global presence

Riken Vitamin seeks to enhance its presence as a global corporation by increasing activities overseas to meet domestic and international needs.

Create a respectful, appealing workplace for employees

By respecting each employee's creativity, originality, and welfare, Riken Vitamin strives to create an environment of vitality and fulfillment.